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Individual Psychotherapy
Marriage Counseling
Career & Talent Development
All marriages have their judgment day. Our goal is to help each partner to learn their contribution to the couples' difficulties, to examine how one's family of origin issues are contributing, and to enhance one's communication of emotional needs and feelings. It's a fine art for a couple to learn to have a "good fight".
Play is the metaphor of feeling for children. Whether over several visits or a significant period of time, children's play allows entry into their view of the world and themselves. Playing along with a child, the psychologist can make interpretations, label feelings and offer positive solutions to the child's situation. This knowledge can be shared with the parents to help them learn to act more constructively.
​Play Therapy with Parent Counseling
Performance-Enhancing Consultation

Our style of individual psychotherapy embraces the first importance of making a connection with you. We work with you to learn from your family and past, your relationships and what you say and feel inside. Our goal is to help you become comfortable and at ease with yourself while learning to act more constructively and positively in the here and now.
Whether looking for a new career, making a life change or seeking consultation for unexpected job changes, Johnston Psychology Associates can provide you with the resources, tests, and career exploration to help facilitate a positive transition. We are also available for pre-employment executive assessments. 
Athletes, physicians, dancers, musicians and others in high-risk occupations can benefit from strategies from positive psychology, sports psychology and behavioral health psychology to reach optimal performance.
We have conducted workshops on diverse topics such as "When the Body talking to the Mind hurts", "Quiet your Mind", "Emotional Intelligence", "Stress Management" and "Parenting Skills". "Performing-Enhancing Psychology" is a particular interest.